YCombinator & Other Venture Backed Startups

Not every company becomes Airbnb, nor should they. With the advent of SAFE financing, often the sensible choice in terms of founder liquidity is to discreetly explore exit options in parallel with going after a Series A or B (or even C or D). 

Our technical approach to M&A means we can discreetly explore acquisitions by strategic acquirers and are effective at identifying private equity funds that are looking for add-on acquisitions where paying above the usual EBITDA or revenue multiples make sense. 


What is your business worth?

Valuations are tricky things, as they depend not only on growth or profitability, but also on industry, type of business, potential strategic fit with an acquirer, etc.

We see enough deal flow in our space that we can quickly provide you with a rough range of what we think your business could be worth.


Alternative to new funding

We represent several YCombinator and other venture funded companies. Most of the time these are firms that do not want it known that they are open to an acquisition.

We pride ourselves on being able to discretely discover exit potentials for our clients. They don’t always chose to go this route, but they value having the option.


Discretion, it’s in our name

We understand that current investors and employees (not to mention potential future investors or employees) might be put off if they were to realize a founder is exploring an exit - even if that’s simply one of the options on the table. We thrive on keeping a low profile, and can add optionality in terms of next steps for you and your business.