M&A Services

We specialize in discrete, non-exclusive, success fee only, sell-side M&A advisory services for technology and technology enabled services in the $1m to $25m revenue range.

What that means in laymen’s terms is that if you’re exploring an exit of a technology or technology enabled business in that revenue range, we can help you with the whole process from preparatory steps (financial projections/reviews, technical and operational due diligence) through sourcing acquirers to closing, all in a discrete manner.

Our approach differs from a typical investment bank or M&A advisory firm in that we have developed a technology-first approach to matching your firm with investors and strategic acquirers likely to pay the highest multiple. Because of this, we’re able to a) work on a success fee only basis (no retainer), and b) can work with companies that are not officially looking to be acquired, but would do so at the right price.

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Financial Reviews & Projections

Whether your business is high growth, steady, or declining revenue, most potential acquirers will be conducting their own in-depth financial review during the due diligence period, so you’d want to have your financial house in order prior to that.

In addition, as sales prices often (but not always) are multiples of some measure of earnings (e.g. EBITDA or SDE), it usually pays to conduct a thorough financial review prior to going to market to allow adjustments to earnings - things like an above market salary for a founder vs what you would pay a manager, isolating growth oriented vs true maintenance spending, or identifying areas where a strategic acquirer may be able to reduce or eliminate costs.


Preparing for Technical and Operational Due Diligence.

In addition to the financial review, most acquirers will conduct a thorough technical and operational due diligence, often conducted by an outside team.

We have conducted numerous such due diligence assignments for a variety of clients, so can help you prepare for the process as much as possible, at no cost to you.

Remediating any obvious issues likely to arise during due diligence (and most business have at least some), or at least being aware of and having considered the kinds of issues likely to arise is a powerful way to avoid price adjustments after an LOI has been signed.


Sourcing Acquirers. Discretely.

In addition to our extensive network (every investment banker and M&A advisor mentions this, btw..) we have also developed a proprietary big data/machine learning approach to identifying potential acquirers most likely to pay the best price.

Because of this, we’re able to avoid conducting a spray-and-pray approach to marketing your company, and instead are able to spend more time on higher potential acquisitions.

A large part of our DNA is conducting the entire process in a discrete manner - we have clients that are actively seeking financing in conjunction with considering a sale.