Due Diligence Services

We work with both middle market private equity, as well as search funds to provide on-demand due diligence services. We bring together our group of business operators with real world experience of (for example) running $1m+ AdWords campaigns or running engineering at fast growing companies.

Our talented team is in the process of publishing a book on best practices for eCommerce Due Diligence, and another one on Software/SaaS Due Diligence is in the works. We are able to provide an on-the-ground team in the United States or Canada within 2 weeks, 4 weeks for engagements in Europe or Asia.


Software/SaaS Technical Due Diligence

Whether a thorough code review, architecture & platform evaluation, information security audit, or all of the above, we have a team of experienced operators able to thoroughly evaluate a target on a tight deadline.

Usually coupled with our digital marketing and paid acquisition due diligence, we can provide a true 360 technical and digital marketing review of software and SaaS companies anywhere in the world in under 4 weeks (2 weeks in continental US).


Digital Marketing & Paid Acquisition Due Diligence

Most SaaS and eCommerce businesses rely heavily on digital marketing and paid acquisition, but increasingly even more traditional service businesses rely on this massively scalable channel.

We provide middle market private equity and search funds with SEO & SEM due diligence, competitor analysis, and social networking and content strategy evaluations.

We can also help with post-close strategic growth plans and vendor selection in this area.


eCommerce Due Diligence

Our team is literally writing the book on eCommerce due diligence, but if you’d rather we did it for you, get in touch. We evaluate all sizes of eCommerce businesses, but have most experience evaluating eCommerce businesses between $5 and $100m in revenue.