Deal Origination

In addition to our sell side services, we also occasionally work with private equity, search funds, or individual investors looking to acquire businesses in the fields we conduct due diligence and strategic partnership development in (Technology, Tech Enabled Services, eCommerce, Financial Services, and Biotechnology).

Please note - our active deal origination services outlined on this page are different to our deal opportunities list. The latter is free and provides an early look at deals we’re marketing - click here to get added. The service outlined on this page is a paid service.


Technology Driven & Sector Specific

We take a technology-first approach to sourcing deal opportunities. The same technology we use to guide our strategic partnership development work can be used to find suitable acquisition candidates.

We deep dive into the sectors we work in, and therefore do not accept deal origination clients outside of those sectors.

Exclusive sourcing

We only take on a single client in each vertical/size/valuation - so if we’re already sourcing for someone with the same search parameters as you, then we would not be able to take you on as a client.

For that reason, we typically require well defined criteria from you on what the ideal opportunity looks like before we proceed. Typically, a generic “any enduringly profitable business” would not be sufficient criteria for us.

Whenever a potential deal is sourced, we would provide the introduction to you only, and you’d need to tell us an opportunity is a hard pass before we socialize it further (if at all).




Great! The first step is to fill out the new client form here.

Beware that unlike our sell side services, our deal origination services require a monthly retainer + success fee, and run for a minimum of 6 months at a time.