Bootstrappers & Self Funded Firms

Our team includes operators who have bootstrapped & sold their own businesses, so we understand self funded and bootstrapped entrepreneurs in a way that few if any other advisors do. 


What is your business worth?

Valuations are tricky things, as they depend not only on growth or profitability, but also on industry, type of business, potential strategic fit with an acquirer, etc. We see enough deal flow in our space that we can quickly provide you with a rough range of what we think your business could be worth.


Getting the best price.

There are two basic ways of getting a great price for your business: find a strategic acquirer willing to pay more for your business, or get your financial and operational house in order and then reach out to as many great fit potential acquirers as possible.

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Meet with us!

Some of our team is usually at all the major conferences where bootstrapped founders gather.

If you’re going to the next MicroConf, LTV, or Business of Software, shoot us an email and we’d be delighted to meet up.